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Are you in need of a new design for a business card? Or do you need a 3 min video production introducing your company and its product(s) and services?


I can help you and your company on a wide range of activities within communication and marketing.



I have divided my services into three main categories:

Concept Development

Concept development can be many different things and vary both in size and complexity.


Any communication and marketing activity that require multiple deliverables can eventually be defined as a concept.


Who are the stakeholders? How do they see your product(s)? Do they see them as you want them to see your product(s)? Are your product benefits and values clearly communicated? What is the optimal positioning of your product(s)? All these considerations (and more) need to be explored, identified and taken into account when doing concept development.


A concept can e.g. be an entire product launch and the development of all the solutions that are required in order to introduce a given product to the marketplace.


A concept can also be the definition, description and visualization of a company profile.


A concept can be the framework for an event ensuring consistent messaging, look and feel across all customer touch points.


Design to me is the visualization of the concept.


A design may consist of very few content items such as an image and a small piece of text, or it can be more complex and contain multiple images, text pieces, graphics and illustrations.


A design needs to ensure that the main messages are clearly communicated, catch attention and support the company profile. A design should ideally help embrace and convey emotions and feelings that advocate the key messages and company profile.


An intelligent design can also help to explain very complex content in a way that makes it easier to understand.


A design solution can be the visual identity for an entire company covering collaterals across all off- and online channels.


A design can also be a more artistic and primarily have a more visual appeal and not rely much on text.


A design can be a graphic illustration or a drawing that support the messaging.


It’s within the implementation phase that you truly discover the benefits of your concept.


What is the secret to smooth and effective implementation? Action number one is to identify your communication and marketing resources and competences within your department or company.


The amount of resources and competences you have available defines the implementation.


What’s your budget? What are the skillsets of your employees? What do you need to purchase externally, and how do you communicate with your stakeholders today? These different factors and more will determine what communication and marketing solutions you need and are actually able to produce.


Every department or company is unique, dynamic and ever-changing and therefore have different implementation requirements. The secret is to discover and identify these and create an implementation plan that set your department or company up for success.


Implementation for me is all about producing intelligent solutions that works for you and your business on an everyday basis, has a high impact and don’t drain the budget completely.

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