Vestas Wind Systems

I worked at Vestas Wind Systems - the world leader in Wind energy solutions - from 2007 to 2014.


Below are some examples of my work made for Vestas Wind Systems



Worksamples: Slideshow presententing examples of my work for Vestas

Offshore Service video: Storyboard, manuscript, project management and production

KK Wind Solutions

Due to a major adjustment of KK-Electronics strategy in 2013, it was decided to develop and update the company profile.


I participated in all steps of the communication- and marketing process and have subsequently developed, designed and produced the majority of their communication and marketing products.


Below are some examples presenting of my work made for KK Wind Solutions


Worksamples: Slideshow presententing examples of my work for KK Wind Solutions

Danish Export Association

Danish Export Association needed to update their company profile and at the same time allow strong independent identities for the associations individual export networks.


In close collaboration I developed and designed a logo concept for the association and all its networks.


Subsequently I created a series of communication- and marketing templates that allowed the individual network consultants to edit and update their stakeholder communication themselves.


Worksamples: Slideshow presententing examples of my work for Danish Export Association

Aarhus Letbane / Light-rail

I was hired by Aarhus Letbane to help them adjust and revise their company profile.


It quickly became evident that a split in identity was required between the commercial light-rail product and the developing, building and operational part of the business.


The result was a identity/design guide for the company and a identity/concept guide for the Light-rail product.


My work also involved several presentations towards the political establishment involved in key decisions.

Worksamples: Slideshow presententing examples of my work for Aarhus Letbane/Lightrail

Insero Group

Insero Group consist of several independent businesses within the area of energy and IT.


I was hired by Insero Group to help them revise and transform their group profile to mirror their strategy for the years to come.


Worksamples: Slideshow presententing examples of my work for Insero Group

Blomst Design

I was asked by Blomst Design to develop a logo and graphic identity for the shop.


Blomst Design is a high-end flower and interior design shop located in Aarhus, Denmark.

Worksamples: Slideshow presententing my work for Blomst Design

In connection with the 60th anniversary of the founding of Aarhus Basketball Association, two enthusiasts of the game of basketball set out to gather 60 years of basketball history in a consolidated anniversary book.


I helped the two gentlemen with the development and design of their idea and advised them in regards to the structure, design and setup of the anniversary book.

Skovbakken / Bakken Bears

The anniversary book: +160 pages

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